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Our team welcomes you into our little house of apparels where all illustrations are designed locally and prepared with great detail and love for your little one. Every design is thoughtfully illustrated with a heart of blessing your child and anyone who sees our designs! We are passionate in delivering the finest quality apparels for babies and toddlers & devote our time to source for the finest material, to identify the best printing method and finally, to refining illustrations.


We are beyond elated when we receive pictures of your baby comfortable in what we’ve produced. We are heartened whenever we hear stories of miracle babies or even witnessing the little milestones of your babies! All these make our lives a whole lot brighter and it’s the reason that makes us do what we do.


We pledge our products with quality, labor of love and attentiveness to details to provide the best for our consumers. We thank you for your support in any way, whether purchasing or not purchasing, for even looking at our website/subscribing to our mailing list gives us butterflies in our tummies!

Lotsa love, 

His Little Champs 

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